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Conductivity Pen Meters

Eco uSiemen Meter T2010

Eco uSiemen Pen Meter   


Eco mSiemen Meter T2010

Eco mSiemen Pen Meter   


Small and light enough to carry in your pocket and use anywhere.  Most Conductivity pens must be handled carefully due to the fragile glass sensor.  With an accidental drop of the unit, the tester is beyond repair.  Technika’s eco units are made to withstand a drop of up to six feet ?thanks to a reinforced glass electrode and a specially designed straight bulb that reduces stress and impact during a fall.  If the Pen is accidentally dropped into water it remains afloat for easy retrieval while the sensitive electronics are protected by a water resistant housing. An energy-saving feature shuts off the unit when it is idle.  To ensure accurate reading at all times, the unit displays a low battery sign to alert users to change the batteries before the accuracy of the reading is affected.  Both models feature automatic temperature and come with a plastic case, instructions, a calibration tool, and 4 button cell batteries.



Eco uSiemen

Eco mSiemen T2041

Special Features ATC 0~70C 
Shock Resistant
Water resistant
Low battery indicator
Auto power off
Dimensions 6 5/8" x 1 1/4" x 5/8"
(170 x 32 x 15 mm)
Weight 2 1/2oz. (70 g)
Range 10~1990 uS 0.1~19.90 mS
Resolution 10 uS 0.1 mS
Accuracy ? 2% f.s. 
Operating Temperature 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
Operating Humidity

Less than 80% RH

Batteries 4 A76 batteries (1.5v)
Battery Life

Approx. 150 hrs.

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