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General Information about Portable Refractometers

Principles of Refractometry

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Item Number Description Range Price
Salt Refractometers
300006 Salt Refractometer 0-28%  
300011 Salt Refractometer w/ATC 0~100ppt  
Sugar/Brix Refractometers
300001 Sugar/Brix Refractometer 0-32%  
T300012 Sugar/Brix Refractometer 0-18%  
300002 Sugar Refractometer 28-62%  
T300013 Sugar/Brix Refractometer 45-82%  
300010 Sugar/Brix Refractometer w/ATC 0-32%  
300013 Sugar/Brix Refractometer w/ATC 0-10%  
300003 Sugar Refractometer 0-80%  
Ranges on the following items depend on the scale used or the selected model.  All ranges are listed on the individual product pages.
Battery Coolant Refractometer
300014 Battery Coolant Refractometer
Honey Refractometer
300004 Honey Refractometer
Clinical Refractometer
300005 Clinical Refractometer
Abbe Refractometers
60 Series Bellingham and Stanley
Digital Refractometers
300015~300027 Sper Scientific
100 Series Bellingham and Stanley
300 Series Bellingham and Stanley
Optical Polarimeters
Model D Bellingham and Stanley
Digital Polarimeters
APD220 Bellingham and Stanley


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