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Colorimeters and Turbidimeters

General Information and Application

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Photo Model Type and common uses

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Orbeco-Hellige 975MP Water Analysis System Colorimeter-Multi-test-Widest possible uses-including petroleum, Food and Beverage, soil, education, R&D. Reliable in lab, plant, classroom and the field.

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Orbeco-Hellige 942 Series Water Analysis System Colorimeter-Single test- used to test drinking water, surface finishing, boier and cooling water, acid mine drainage, wastewater, agriculture, waterconditioning, chemical processing, and much more.

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Orbeco-Hellige 966 Turbidimeter-Portable-Potable water, municipal  water treatment, quality control in food, beverage, cosmetics, textiles, pharmaeuticals, plastics, etc.

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Orbeco-Hellige  965-10A Turbidimeter-Benchtop-Excellent for lab testing of drinking water, chemical analysis of water containing barium, sulfate, nitrate, silver, chloride, etc. by turbidimetric chemical methods and quality control

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