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Light Meter


zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Emergency and Exit Lighting Measurements 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Quality Assurance (Food and Pharmaceutical Industries) 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Thermal Management 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Construction 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Community Corrections Centers 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Lighting for CRT's 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Government Safety Checks 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Office and Laboratory Lighting Levels 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Illumination Surveys in Manufacturing Plants and Production Areas 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)OSHA Light Level Checks 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Measure Light Levels for Vision Experiments 
zbluerectangle.gif (396 bytes)Pharmaceutical Photo Degradation Monitor

Part No. Description
840021 Light Meter Footcandles
840006 Light Meter Lux
840020 Light Meter Lux/FC
840022 Broad Range Lux/FC Meter


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