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Ultraviolet (UV) Light Meter

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Our top of the line UV light meter for measurements requiring the highest possible accuracy and versatility for research, testing of UV sterilization equipment in hospitals, and the manufacture and  testing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Measures UV energy (0~99999 Joules/cm2), UV intensity (0~350 mW/cm2), and UV dosage for any period from 0 seconds ~ 99hours.   Results are easy to read on the large 4 line x 16 character dot matrix LCD.   Also features Min-Max and hold functions, analog and RS232 outputs.  Choose from three interchangeable sensors. (Does not include sensor)

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VLC-X254 Sensor for 254nm short wave UV-C
VLC-X312 Sensor for 312nm short wave UV-B
VLC-X365 Sensor for 365nm short wave UV-A

Made in France

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