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Digital Barometer

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PTB220 Series Barometer

The PTB220 series digital barometers are designed for a wide environmental pressure and temperature range. They are very accurate and stable - the class A barometers have a total accuracy of ?.2 hPa, class B barometers ?.3 hPa and class C barometers ?.4 hPa.  The optional local display has two rows and it can simultaneously show the barometric pressure, three-hour pressure trend and the WMO pressure tendency code. These barometers are ideal to be used e.g. as ship barometers, transfer standards and replacement for mercury barometers.

A single barometer can have one, two, or three pressure transducers.  Two or three transducers provide redundancy which improves measurement reliability in airport, weather station and pressure standard applications.

The PTB 220 series digital barometers use the BAROCAP? silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala for barometric pressure measurement applications.  The BAROCAP sensor has excellent repeatability characteristics and outstanding temperature and long-term stability.

Note: Hectopascal (hPa) is the barometeric pressure
unit recommended by WMO and also accepted by ISO.  
1 hPa = 1 mbar

Operating Ranges

Pressure range 500 to 1100hPa
Temperature range
   operating -40 to +60C (-40 and +140F)
   with local display 0 to +60C (32 and +140F)
   storage -60 to +60C (-76 to +140F)
Humidity range non-condensing




0.1% R*

Class A

Class B

Class C
Linearity ?.05 hPa ?.05 hPa ?.10 hPa ?.25 hPa
Hysteresis ?.02 hPa ?.03 hPa ?.03 hPa ?.05 hPa
Repeatability ?.02 hPa ?.03 hPa ?.03 hPa ?.05 hPa
Calibration uncertainty ?0 ppm ?.07 hPa ?.15 hPa ?.15 hPa
Accuracy at +20C ?00 ppm ?.10 hPa ?.20 hPa ?.30 hPa
Temperature dependence

?.1 hPa

Long-term stability

?.1 hPa / year

Total accuracy including on year drift
Class A ?.20 hPa
Class B ?.30 hPa
Class C ?.40 hPa

*Class A / 800 to 1100 hPa / +20C

(factory settings•)
Supply voltage

10 to 30 VDC reverse polarity protected

Supply voltage sensitivity negligible
Current consumption
   operation mode less than 30 mA
   with local display less tha 50 mA
   hardware shutdown mode less than 0.1 mA
Serial I/O RS 232C• full duplex or bidirectional TTL level or RS 485/422 half duplex
Pulse output TTL level pulse output at about 5kjz or 50khz
Pressure units hPa•, mbar, kPa, Pa, inHg
   Class A 0.01 hPa•
   Class B & C 0.1 hPa•
Setting  time at power-up (one sensor)
   Class A 3 seconds•
   Class B & C 2 seconds•
Responce time (one sensor)
   Class A 2 seconds•
   Class B & C 1 seconds•
Acceleration sensitivity negligible
Pressure connector M5 (10-32) internal thread
Pressure fitting barbed fitting for 1/8" I.D.  tubing
Maximum pressure limit 5000 hPa abs.
Electrical connector female 9-pin subD
Weight 1Kg

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The PTB Digital Barometer has many variations and options available to make it work with your specific needs.  Please call or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to give you the exact configuration you need, prices, and delivery times.  Prices for these units vary from approximately $1200 to $3200 depending on exact specifications.  Allow four to eight weeks for delivery. The following meter is considered a "special order item."  Delivery times are approximate and additional shipping charges may be applicable.  l

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