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Anemometer/Thermometer 840032 
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Anemometer/Thermometer 840032    

All of the functions of Anemometer/Thermometer 840030, plus max-min-avg functions, automatic power off, RS232C output, and a detachable probe for easy replacement and repair. The large LCD simultaneously displays temperature, airspeed, and unit of measure. The 0.5" characters are easy to read from different angles thanks to a unique contrast control. Comes complete with a 9V battery and hard carrying case. 

Dimensions (Meter) 7 x 3 x 1-1/4"
Dimensions (Sensor Head) 2-4/5" diameter
Weight w/ battery 13.5 oz.
Display Dual function, 4 digit display, 0.5" high
Air Sensor Air Sensor angled vane arms with low friction ball bearing design
Temperature Sensor A precision thermocouple
Operating Temperature 0 - 50C, 32 - 122F
Operating Humidity Max 80% RH
Power Supply 006P DC 9V battery (heavy duty alkaline type)
Power Consumption Approximately; DC 8.3mA


Air Velocity
Units* Range Resolution Accuracy
m/s 0.4 - 25.0 0.1 m/s ?%+1d
Km/hr 1.4 - 90.0 0.1Km/hr ?%+1d
ft/min 80 - 4925 10 ft/min ?%+1d
mile/hr 0.9 - 55.9 0.1 mile/hr ?%+1d
knots 1.9 - 38.8 0.1 knots ?%+1d


m/s = meters per second
km/hr = kilometers per hour
ft/min = feet per minute
knots = nautical mph (international)
mile/hr = miles per hour



Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy
0 - 60C 0.1C ?.0C
32 - 140F 0.1F ?.0F


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