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Radiation Meter 840007

Radiation Meter, 840007

Small and light enough to go anywhere, yet sensitive enough to detect minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or X-rays. Excellent for scanning lab work areas and clothing for traces of radioactivity after clean-up, or as a personal monitor in areas of potential radiation exposure. Useful in school labs for geology and science projects. One-button operation, can be used by untrained personnel. Uses a Geiger-Mueller tube detector. The Meter registers 0.1~10mR/hour (milli-Roentgen) and 0.1~100 uSv/hour (microsieverts) on a dual scale. Audible clicking will increase with the amount of background radiation. Beeping begins at 20mR/hr, increasing in frequency in proportion to the radiation level. Powered by a 9-Volt battery, included, which lasts 50 hours at normal background levels.  


Dimensions 6-5/8 x 3-1/4 x 1-3/8"
Weight 8.5 oz.
Calibration Radiation Gamma
Cesium 137
  1 mR/hr = 10 ÁS/hr 
Range 0 to 10mR/hr
Typical Accuracy ?0%
Max/Min Detection Energy 30 KeV to 1.5 MeV

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