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Humidity/Temp. Datalogger, 800014


Automatically records up to 16,000 (!) data points in the field. These can later be downloaded to a computer via the meter’s RS232 port and the results viewed instantly on Data Lab Graphical Software which comes with the unit. Data Lab also enables real time data logging directly from the meter to the computer.  This well made unit is extremely accurate and has fast response times, offering a high  resolution over a wide temperature range.  Comes ready to use in a protective foam lined carrying case complete with Software, RS232 computer connection cable, and a 9V battery.  Also features a large easy to read LCD, min-max-average, calendar/clock auto power off, and hold functions. 

Dimensions 7 ” x 2” x 1 (184 x 64 x 30 mm)
Weight 11oz (320 g)


Scale Range Resolution Accuracy
Temperature -20/60C&F .01C, 0.1F 0.1C&F


0/100%RH ?.5%RH at 25C 031%RH


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With NIST Traceable Cert. of Compliance, 800014c
Our Price
840053 DATA LAB Graphical Software  Included
800001 RS232 Replacement Cable,  
800003 AC Adapter,  
840090 Water Resistant Instrument Pouch,  
840092 Bench-Top Tripod,  
840093 Field Tripod,  


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