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 Schiltknecht, Swiss workmanship 

Schiltknecht  MiniAir2 complete kit



multiprobe anemometer


  1. Mini Air2 Anemometer
  2. Probes
  3. Snap heads for Probes
  4. Accessories
  5. Cases


This is our top of the line Anemometer, useful in high precision, harsh environments and special applications, or if you just enjoy using the very best there is. Swiss precision engineered for a high quality product with many special features.

The sturdy construction is splash proof and enables the probe to operate in temperatures as high as 140 C, and as low as -30C. Three different air speed probes are available for various ranges and applications as well as a temperature probe. Just plug in the probe your application requires  and the MiniAir2 automatically recognizes it. This solid meter measures air flows as low as 0.15 ms (using Macro Probe). Can be programmed to start/stop for any interval between 2 sec and 2 hours with a continuous display of the cumulative average and time remaining. Also features min/max functions, an analog output, and a wide choice of accessories.

Should it become necessary, the micro and mini probe heads are designed to simply snap off and a replacement probe head snapped on in its place eliminating the need to return the entire unit. Comes with a certificate of conformity confirming that the values are within specifications. Also available with a Swiss Calibration Series Certificate which indicates the nominal and actual values of your anemometer.

Warranty Information

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Made in Switzerland

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