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  MonoAir 100 Meter

   (Does not include Prandtl tube)

Item Item No.


Resolution Accuracy Price  
Model 1 Celsius k960067C 2000 Pa 1 Pa 10 Pa    
Model 1 Fahrenheit  k960067F 2000 Pa 1 Pa 10 Pa    
Model 2 Celsius  k960068C 20 kPa 0.01 kPa 0.1 kPa    
Model 2 Fahrenheit k960068F 20 kPa 0.01 kPa 0.1 kPa    

(Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery)

To view and purchase Prandtl Tubes for the ManoAir100

A differential pressure anemometer especially useful for measuring air velocity in harsh environments, such as refuse incineration plants, chemical or automotive industry, gas or water works. Measures air or inert gases with pressure values of up to 20 Kpa, in your choice of Pa /Kpa, mbar, mmH20, and airflow in m/s. Also features Max Min Avg, automatic temperature compensation and an analog output. Comes with a certificate of conformity confirming that the values are within specifications. Also available with a Swiss Calibration Series Certificate which indicates the nominal and actual values of your anemometer. All MANOAIR100s come in a kit complete with a Prandtl tube, rubber tubing, battery 2 pcs vacuum filters, and a carrying case. Four versions are available along with a wide variety of optional probes and accessories. Battery Powered.


Model Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
ManoAir100 Mod. 1
100% measuring range
+/- 2000 Pa 1 Pa +/- 10 Pa


ManoAir100 Mod. 2
100% measuring range
+/- 20 kPa 0.01 kPa +/ 0.1 kPa
Overload capacity 0.8 bar without ventilation, above 0.8 bar via a mechanical vent valve
Pressure connections push-on nipple for 3 mm int. dia. Hose
Measuring media dry instrument air or inert gases
Units of measurement Pressure: Pa / kPa, mbar, mmH20
Flow: m/s
Display LCD 4 digit
Measuring rate 2 measurements / sec.
Supply Battery (1 x 9 Volt) or external mains supply
Current consumption approx. 15 mA
Battery life approx. 12h
Outputs Pressure: 0 - 1 - 2 Volt
Flow: 0 - 1 - 2 Volt
signal output for Mini2Logger (interval 0.5 sec)
Case dimensions 150 x 80 x 40 mm
Case protection type IP 40
Weight approx. 300 grams
Operating temp. 0 to 50C
Storage temperature -30 to 80C
Air humidity 0 to 90% rh, non-condensing
Max. static pressure 0.8 bar without ventilation, above 0.8 bar via a mech. vent valve
Working standard Betz Micromanometer at 22C / 960 hPa

Warranty Information

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Made in Switzerland

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