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MultiprobeThermoAir3, k960060

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A thermoelectric anemometer which is especially useful for measuring very low velocities of air flow, (0.01 m/s). In addition to air speed and temperature, it is also capable of measuring humidity (when used with HygroAir probe 950272). Has Min-Max-Avg. and automatic reset/recalibration functions as well as an analog output (0~1V). Comes with a certificate of conformity confirming that the values are within specifications. Optional Swiss Calibration Series Certificate which indicates the nominal and actual values of your anemometer. A choice of probes and accessories are also available. Battery powered.


Electricity Air/Gas

Unidirectional 0,01-5 m/s 0-40C
Omnidirectional 0,01-5 m/s 0-40C
Electric Accuracy 2% v. E. by 20C
Thermometer Accuracy 1,5 % v. E.


HygroAir 0-99% rF -20-60C
Humidity Accuracy 1,5 % rF
Times 2sec in 2hours, instantaneous average, Min-Max, and
Output Analog Mini2Logger-connecter-English
Power Battery or charger

Warranty Information

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Made in Switzerland

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