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RPI Rad-Monitor
Model GM1,

  General Purpose Beta Monitor

Model GM1 detects low level beta contamination from radioisotopes commonly utilized in research laboratories such as 32P, 35S, 14C, 45Ca and 131I.  Sensitive GM tube has a total effective area of 1.125 inches with a window thickness of 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2.  Detector includes a unique protective screen that provides 86% open area for maximum sensitivity.  Removable plastic storage cap protects GM tube when instrument is not in use.  Minimum detection levels for hard beta emitters is 8-4 Ci/cm2 and 10-4 Ci/cm2 for soft beta emitters.  Minimum energy response to gamma radiation is 15 KeV.

The Rad-MonitorTM Radiation Monitor features a built-in battery charger which allows use of rechargeable batters.  Optional AC adapter is available for 110 VAC operation and battery charging.  Instruments are supplied with detector probe, alkaline batteries, instruction manual and a two year limited warranty.

Calibration Certificate, 950114  
This service includes electronic calibration and verification of instrument accuracy using a NIST traceable radioactive source.  the certificate of Calibration meets the NRC and state requirements.

Made in the USA

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