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Colorimeter Water Analyzer w/ data retention package (includes 4 plastic and 4 glass sample tubes, 110v AC adapter, 4-AA batteries, manual, and case)
OR975MP-10, $1,314
Colorimeter Water Analyzer without the data retention package.
OR975MP-01, $1,194

The Analyst Model 975 MP Microprocessor controlled for Direct-reading in mg/L, Absorbance & Transmittance  The Analyst provides far greater accuracy and convenience for water testing. Using the latest advances in microprocessor technology, The Analyst provides a direct-reading, user-friendly analysis system for your choice of 90+ water tests. Most test kits use convenient tablet reagents. Compact, rugged and portable, The Analyst is equally reliable in lab, plant, classroom or field.


  • Choose from OVER 90 pre-standardized important tests

  • Permanent calibrations for 90+ tests are stored in the memory of The Analyst microprocessor.

  • No standard solutions, calibrations, charts, graphs, or calculations are needed. Procedures manual (supplied) contains all 90+ test instructions.

  • Just read the accurate result directly from the liquid crystal display.

  • General purpose photometer mode The Analyst is not only for water analysis, but may be used as a precise photometer with wide applications in lab and colorimetric testing.

  • Wide, uniform 28 mm sample tubes for high sensitivity and reproducibility

  • Most tests are performed directly in the tube. Has 10 ml graduation with screw-cap for easy mixing.

  • Both glass and unbreakable plastic tubes supplied.

  • Automatic battery saver After 15 minutes of non-use, microprocessor turns power off. Low battery warning is indicated on display.

  • RS-232 interfaces The Analyst to printers or computers with 8 bit RS-232 serial ports

  • 7 Built-in precision wavelength filters, guaranteed never to fade

  • Serve for all 90+ tests covering the 420-640mm span. Internal turret protects filters from spill or loss. The Analyst does not need extra cost, limited-use wavelength modules -- everything you require is right in the instrument! Optional custom wavelengths available.

  • Automatic zero and standardization  Microprocessor automatically sets zero and standardization. The Analyst automatically compensates for different lighting conditions without need for light shield. Internal micro switch senses insertion and removal of sample tubes and automatically activates readings.

  • Direct-reading display LCD has 32 characters to display system diagnostics, low battery, test name, filter, procedure prompts and test result.


Modes of Operation Precalibrated and general photometric modes.  Direct reading in concentration, Absorbance, or %Transmittance
Wavelength Range 420-640nm
Wavelength Values 420, 490, 528, 535, 565, 608, 640nm
Wavelength Selection 7 precision filters installed in an internally mounted well for protection against dirt, spills, scratches, and misplacement.  Manual selection
Instrument Dimensions 7 5/8" L x 4" W x 3 1/2"H
(187mm Lx 102 mm  W x 89 mmH)
Instrument Weight 1 lb. 13 oz. (0.8 Kg.)
Power 4 AA Batteries or AC Adapter supplied (110)
Light Source Pre-focused, long-life tungsten lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode
Display 2 line, 16 alpha-numeric characters per line LCD
Keypad Sealed, splash-proof, touch-sensitive membrane
Auto Power-off After 15 minutes of non-use
External outputs RS-232 Serial Port

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2 Year warranty protects your investment


Quality made in the U.S.A. Your
satisfaction is guaranteed!

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