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Automatic Digital Polarimeter

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APD220 Polarimeter, BS36-20
$12,735.00  Price includes an expedited delivery fee from the manufacturer.
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Automatic Digital Polarimeter supplied with one straight center filling tube (200mm), 'Utility' program, and instruction manual. 

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$1,777.00 Quartz control plate calibrated at 97Z or (33?Angular) approx. Supplied with B+S certificate. 
QUARTZ CONTROL PLATE, BS34-11 $1,777.00 Quartz control plate calibrated at 15Z or (5?Angular) approx. Supplied with B+S certificate.


The ADP220 is a low cost, general purpose, fully automatic polarimeter suitable for measuring the rotation of optically active samples across a wide range of laboratory applications. Operation is simple with touch-of-a-button control for automatic read, print, scale change and zero setting. Both Angular Degree and International Sugar (ISS) scales are selectable. Results are displayed digitally and can be printed directly or sent to a computer. 

Polarimeter tubes up to 220mm in length can be used. The exterior power supply means low heat generation within the instrument and hence rapid stabilization. A fixed temperature probe monitors the temperature of the sample chamber and a second probe is provided for direct sample temperature monitoring. Water jacketed tubes can be used for precise temperature control. 


Dimensions 650 x 410 x 400mm
Weight 14.50kg 
Range -90 to +90Angular (0-360?Angular may be displayed by scale range selection) -30 to +120 ISS
Resolution 0.01A 0.01Z
Accuracy ?.02?Angular better than ?.1?Z
Light source LED with interference filter
Beam diameter approx. 4mm through length of chamber
Interfaces Serial RS232, parallel Centronics, temperature probe
Power External 90-250V~ 50-60 Hz. 
Interfaces One straight  center filling tube (200mm), instruction manual, power cord.

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One year warranty

Made in England

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