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  High quality PC board depaneling
  High quality depaneling Tool
  Compact and flexible desktop type
  Minimizing the stress on PC board during the PCBA
  Simple Programming and fixture setting
  Powerful dust collecting ability

 Robot Specification
  Item   Description
Table Travel X axis: 300 mm, Y axis: 300 mm, Z axis: 100 mm
Payload Work (X, Y): 20Kg, Tool (Z): 10Kg
Maximum speed X,Y,Z Axis : 1 ~ 1000 mm/sec
Repeatability accuracy ±0.01mm for each axis
Resolution X,Y, Z axis 2500 pulse/rev
Program language MDI, Jog, Manual
Drive method AC servo motor driving
Control method PTP, ARCH, CP, SPLINE, PALLET
Programmable axis 3 axis (Simultaneous control of X,Y and Z axis)
External interface RS232C 1ch (Teaching pendant) RS232C 1ch (PC communication)
External input/output Input : 16 points for Output : 24 points
Program Data memory 32 Program (2500 Point, Shift Point 100)
Ambient temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Pneumatic Requirement 5~7 Kg/cm2
Electrical Requirement AC 220V 50/60Hz  ±10%  1KVA
Dimensions Width : 650 mm,  Length : 650 mm,  Height : 675mm
Weight 55 Kg
 Spindle Tooling Specifications
  Item   Description
Spindle Motor DC Brushless motor : 135 W Power
Rotation speed  : Min 1000  ~  Max 40000 rpm ( adjustable)
Chuck diameter :  ¿ 3.175mm  or   ¿ 3.0mm
Router bit : ¿ 0.8 mm ~ ¿ 3.0 mm
Cutting Speed 1 ~ 100mm/sec
Material of PCB Glass epoxy, Paper phenol, etc
Maximum size of PCB Max 300mm ´ 300mm ´ 4.0mm

 Dust Collecting Specifications
  Item   Description
Ring Blower Motor Motor : 1.9Kw Power
Dust Collector Capacity 4.1㎥/min
Constant Pressure 2500mmAg
Bag Filter Polyester Teflon , 8 Pockets
Filter Area 1.6㎥

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