butto02d.gif 모뎀 모듈(Embedded Modem module)
.... The World easiest and fastest Embedded Modem Solution!
...... 초고속 모뎀 기능을 한개의 모듈에 집적시켜 장비간 고속통신을 가능케함.(300~56,000bps)

-산업용, 의료용 원격 모니터링 시스템

-테이터 수집

-원격 진단(Remote diagnostics)

-티켓 발매기(Ticketting machine)

-원격 측정 및 계측 / ATM 터미널

-보안 시스템 / 자동 판매기 및 게임기

-신용카드 확인 장치 / TV 셋톱 박스

-개스 펌프 / 가전 제품

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The Multi-Tech SocketModem creates communication-ready devices by integrating data/fax functionality into a single product design.

The SocketModem is a space-efficient (1” × 2.5”),
embedded modem that allows OEMs to integrate a wide range of modem functions and speeds into any product platform.

The complete, ready-to-integrate modem dramatically reduces development time and costs for system designers.

The SocketModem Developer’s Kit allows you to plug in the SocketModem and use it as a serial modem for testing, programming and evaluation.

The kit includes one development board with RS-232 cable, power supply, RJ-11 cable and a SocketModem or SocketModemIP sample. Contact OEMsales to order your kit today!

Family 사양

  • Complete data/fax modem solution, including the controller, data pump, and DAA
  • Binary, asynchronous data support through a serial or parallel interface
  • Standard serial or 16550-compatible parallel interface
    V.92/56K, V.90/56K, V.34/33.6K, V.32bis/14.4K or V.22bis/2400 bps modem modules
    V.34/33.6K or V.17/14.4K fax
  • Industry-standard error correction and data compression
  • Industry-standard AT-style commands
  • Dial-up POTS interface (tip and ring)
  • Remote configuration for centralized setup and management
  • Phone number storage and non-volatile memory (NoVRAM) to store user profiles
  • Flash memory for easy updates
  • Speaker interface for user-supplied call-monitoring-tone speaker
  • LED driver circuits (serial models only) for Carrier Detect, Transmit Data, Receive Data, and DTR signals

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