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Jandel four point probes
Guardian Scientific 802M

4 Point Probe Station은 고성능 고정밀 표면저항 측정기입니다.

click here for more informationRange :1 milli-ohm/square ~ 10M ohms/square

click here for more information4- 1/2 digit L.E.D 표시

click here for more informationPower: 115/230 VAC

click here for more informationSpecfication

300 ohm
10 micro ohm
3k ohm
100 micro ohm
30 ohm
1 miliohm
300 ohm
10 miliohm
3k ohm
100 miliohm
30k ohm
1 ohm
300k ohm
10 ohm
3Mega ohm
100 ohm

click here for more informationAccuracy:
0.1% (20 Ohm to 20k Ohm )
0.5% (200k Ohm )

click here for more information표시속도 : reading 300 milliseconds

click here for more informationOperating Temperature Range: 0° to 50°C

click here for more informationRelative Humidity: 90% maximum up to 35°C,
70% maximum up to +50°C

click here for more information외관: 260mm x 290mm x 100mm , 3kg


110 or 240v AC 50-60 Hz, approximately 15 watts.

Current Source


1microA ~1A




0.2% from short circuit to maximum load (highest load resistance consistent with compliance voltage setting)

Temperature Stability

0.02% per degree Centigrade (from 0°C to 15°C and 35°C to 50°C)

Digital Volt Meter


199.99mV ,  1999.9mV


4 1/2 digit LCD

Read Rate 3회/초


balanced and floating

Over range

display blanks out

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