Spin Process Station:스핀프로세스 스테이션 (클리닝&드라잉) Spin Cleaning & Spin Drying


고압 및 초음파세척용 스핀 프로세서 :스핀클리닝, 스핀 드라잉: High Pressure and Megasonic Cleaning Spin processor for spin cleaning and drying

  • Full 플래스틱 하우징 :NPP
  • Linear movable arm for direct spray among all substrate surface :High Pressure and Megasonic jets.
  • Integrated High Presure Scrubber Jet : up to 200 Bar
  • Interchangeable high pressure spray tips feature feathered spray pattern edges to deliver a uniform coverage
  • Megasonic cleaner spot shower : flow and power 조정가능
  • 핫 DI-Water 린싱 시스템(with 3.5kW PFA coated Bath Heating System) suitable for high-purity fluids.
  • Substrate Front & Back Side In Situ Di Water Rinse
  • Integrated CO2 bubbler
  • Nitrogen dry : through dome or movable arm
  • 시료 사이즈: up to Ø 300 mm
  • 이지 프로세스 콘트롤 :Closed chamber with Transparent Lid
  • 이지 프로그래머블 step-by-step 메모리설정 , 조정가능 항목:
    • Hi-pressure pump activation
    • Megasonic activation and adjustable output intensity level per step
    • Hot DIW rinse activation (Temperature settable per recipe)
    • Time : 1-999 sec/step
    • Speed :1-10.000 rpm
    • Acceleration / Deceleration : 1-30.000 rpm/sec
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Coating & Developing


Also Available with MMLO (Megasonic Metal Lift Off). Please click this link for a video


Spin Process Station
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  • Drying
  • Rinse/clean
  • Etching
  • Manual coating
  • Automatic coating
  • Developing

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